On occasion, the Bedouins allow visitors to come back to the ruins of Petra at night for tea, music, and dancing. The mile long pathway to the Treasury is lit up by small candles placed in paper bag lanterns. When you finally arrive at the main entrance to the Treasury, the entire area is lit by, what I was told were, 1,500 candles. I then sat on a rug and drank tea. There was complete silence when all of a sudden, a flutist started playing, but I was unable to see where he was. As the music was still echoing among the canyon walls and ruins, he slowly emerged from the doorway of the treasury, continuing to play. I was mesmerized by the beauty and peacefulness of the music as well as by the cool night air and unobstructed view of the stars in the sky, and most of all, by the magical glowing ruins of the Treasury.